Amazon to create 600 new permanent jobs in Spain this year

21 Aug 2019

Amazon has announced plans to boost its Spanish base with 600 new workers in 2019, climbing to 5,400 permanent employees by the end of the year, Kagay-an reports. 

Its calculations have revealed that Amazon in Spain has opened the equivalent of 15 jobs per week since 2013. These openings include all kinds of roles and levels of training, such as engineers and software developers as well as data scientists, machine learning and cloud services experts.
Mariangela Marseglia, country manager of Amazon in Spain and Italy, said that as the company invests in the country, “Spain is becoming an important centre of global talent.”

He went on to say: “We are proud to continue creating jobs in Spain and we look forward to welcoming 600 new colleagues to Amazon this year.”

Amazon is set to grow its Software Development Centre in Madrid by recruiting a team for technologies for Kindle, its e-book, and books. The end of 2020 should see 200 new employees having been recruited. 

Madrid and Barcelona’s development centres recruit over 270 people for Amazon Business, international expansion and various technologies. 

Amazon will be making use of 11,500 square meters of Cepsa Tower in Madrid, rented out by the founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega.