The main opposition People’s Party (PP) in Spain has announced it would implement a fee on renewable energy projects to pay for the associated administrative costs, it was announced on Tuesday.

The PP is currently out in front in the polls ahead of the national election on 23rd July, with energy one of the principal topics as the PP and ruling Socialist Party have opposing views on ways to decarbonise the economy.

As part of a manifesto unveiled on Tuesday, the People’s Party led by Alberto Nunez Feijoo said it would introduce “a milestone fee” to be paid by the organisation undertaking a renewable project, targeted at funding administrative costs, Reuters news agency reports.

The fee will cover “the cost of the service, similar to what happens for renewing a driving licence,” according to a PP spokesperson.

“This revenue will strengthen the administrative structure in charge of handling the procedures, speeding them up and addressing the problem caused by the high volume of applications,” the spokesperson commented, going on to add that the measure had gained the sector’s approval.

In addition, the People’s Party is in favour of prolonging the use of Spain’s nuclear power plants, along with supporting green hydrogen and biofuels, as per the manifesto.

However, outgoing energy minister Teresa Ribera has criticised the plans for lack of details on major proposals, including plans involving nuclear and water, the Reuters report adds. “What they clearly say is that the (green agenda) has to be slowed down,” she stated.

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