Spain’s far-right party Vox has announced it wouldn’t hinder efforts to unseat the country’s Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, likely increasing the options for the conservative People’s Party as it seeks a path to power.

Vox said it would not be a stumbling block to efforts by leader of the PP Alberto Núñez Feijóo to garner sufficient support for a vote in Parliament to remove Sánchez as prime minister, Bloomberg reports.

The votes of 33 Vox deputies in Congress have been offered to Feijóo for him to become PM and prevent the country from falling into “the hands of all the enemies of Spain.”

By not standing in the way of the PP leader’s efforts to form a government, Vox could make it more straightforward for him to negotiate with regional parties such as the Basque PNV and the Canarian Coalition, which have six deputies between them.

Both parties have stated they won’t support Feijóo if he should be part of a formal alliance with Vox. The head of the PP said to supporters in the Galicia region on Sunday that should his party gain power, and he would aim to govern solo without a formal agreement with other groups.

However, even with the support of the 33 Vox deputies, the majority of analysts see Feijóo facing an uphill struggle to gain sufficient support to form a government.

Last month’s election in Spain produced a deadlock as Feijóo won the majority of seats, yet an insufficient number, despite Vox’s support to win a parliamentary majority to unseat Sánchez. Meanwhile, the Socialist leader would require support from Catalan separatist parties Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana in order to remain in power, the Bloomberg report goes on to add.

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