Tourist visitors to Spain hit record-breaking high in 2019

31 Jan 2020

Spanish touristsThe number of internationals visiting Spain in 2019 reach a record high of 83.7 million, marking a seventh consecutive year of record-breaking figures. 

The news arrived from Industry and Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto, who added that she had high hopes for the country’s tourism sector in 2020.

Speaking at a news conference, Maroto noted that tourist arrivals in 2019 jumped 1% from the previous year.

Spain is the world’s second-most visited country after France, which welcomes roughly 89 million visitors a year. 
Tourism is a crucial aspect of Spain’s domestic economy, accounting for almost 12% of gross domestic product (GDP).

“We address 2020 with optimism, because we have a strong and consolidated sector, capable of tackling the challenges ahead of us,” she said, without providing any specific outlook figures.

The majority of visitors to Spain traditionally hail from Britain and Germany, largely contributing to the Spanish tourism sector. Over the past year however, British and German nationals declined. Nonetheless, this was offset by an increase in tourists visiting from Asia and the United States. 

Maroto noted that one of the ministry’s main priorities will be attracting visitors from new countries, along with working towards welcoming tourists throughout the whole year and not only during the summer peak season.